Gandhabaniks are a Bengali Hindu trading caste, who as their caste name suggests, traditionally used to trade in perfumes, incense and exotic spices. Chinese traveller Fa Hien referred to the Gandhabaniks as the Hindu businessmen of India. The Gandhabaniks trace their lineage to Chand Sadagar and Dhanapati Sadagar. In spring, the Gandhabaniks pay homage to Mata Gandheshwari.
Since itís inception in the year 1887AD(1294BS) Gandhabanik Databya Sabha has been rendering help to the destitute and financially handicapped people mainly hapless widows of Gandhabanik community some...
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When pecuniary doldrums force a student to leave his studies, pain and frustration engulfs the parents first, a sheer silent cry outbreaks in their hearts for the incapability of funding their own subjectís prosperous future...
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